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Little Rock is the capital and the most populous city of the State of Arkansas, U.S.A.

Little Rock in "News From the Front"[]

In May 1942, Little Rock was the site of Vice President Henry Wallace's second public split from his erstwhile benefactor President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was here that people in the crowd began to call for Roosevelt's impeachment and his replacement by Wallace.[1]

Little Rock in Southern Victory[]

Little Rock was the home of the Cyclone Chemicals Company, whose products were important to the Confederate government's massacre of Negroes. Little Rock was one of the few Confederate cities which did not fall to the United States before the war officially ended.

Little Rock in Worldwar[]

Little Rock, Arkansas became the capital of the United States after the Race's Conquest Fleet destroyed Washington, DC with an explosive-metal bomb in 1942. It was a rather unusual choice when the U.S. could have chosen, for example, New York City or even Philadelphia or Boston. However Little Rock was presumably chosen just after the end of the fighting when most of the above were still badly damaged from war. By the 1960s, Little Rock had expanded considerably.