Lion God
Fictional Work
Story: The War Between the Provinces
Religion: Detinan Pantheon
God of: Martial success
Type of Appearance: Referenced

The Lion God was one of the two greatest deities in the Detinan pantheon of Mount Panamgam, and was the most widely worshiped and sacrificed to. Like all the Detinan gods, he lived on a mountain beyond the sky. His physical manifestation was as a heroic male human body with the head and tail of a lion and claws on his hands and feet.

Like all the great gods of Detina, he seemed to be rather withdrawn from human affairs. However, both the pious (such as Leonidas the Priest) and the self-important (such as Bell, who may have met the Lion God and the Thunderer in a vision in which he was promised command of the Army of Franklin, or may instead have hallucinated the entire affair under the influence of laudanum) believed he was actively providing them with special protection. However, southron soldiers Rollant and Smitty witnessed proof that the Lion God favored King Avram to the point that he performed miracles for those who invoked Avram's name in prayer.