Fictional Character
The Time of Troubles
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): The Stolen Throne
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: Phos-worship
Cause of Death: Execution by beheading
Parents: Hosios
Children: Hosios, all others unnamed
Political Office(s): Avtokrator of Videssos

Likinios was the Avtokrator of the Empire of Videssos before the reigns of Genesios and Maniakes.

To keep his borders safe from the Makuraners while fighting the Kubratoi, he paid the Khamorth gold to attack Makuran from the northwest. This led to the death of Peroz King of Kings and the civil war between Smerdis and Peroz's son Sharbaraz.

He achieved several victories in Kubrat, making him very popular. In exchange for Vaspurakaner mines, he gave Videssian aid such as cavalry, engineers and supplies under the comand of the famed general Maniakes and the future Avtokrator Maniakes II to Sharbaraz, which led to Shabaraz's ascension to the throne.

Likinios was overthrown by his own army when he made them winter in north of the Astris River in the steppes. His army, already disgruntled by low pay, then marched on Videssos the city and crowned Genesios Avtokrator. Likinios and his sons tried to flee but were caught by Genesios' forces, who promptly had him and his sons executed; some say Likinos was forced to watch his sons die before being beheaded himself.

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