Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness
Out of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Unkerlant
Occupation: Soldier

Leudast was an Unkerlanter soldier during the Derlavaian War. He saw action during the border war against Gyongyos, the conquest of Forthweg, and the wars against Zuwayza and Algarve.

Leudast was an extremely skilled and experienced soldier, being one of the few Unkerlanter soldiers who was in the war when Algarve invaded Unkerlant and remained alive and fighting at the end of the war. He fought in a number of major battles including the defense of Cottbus during the first winter of the Algarvian invasion, the Unkerlanter counterattack against the city of Aspang the following spring, and the Unkerlanter defense of Sulingen during the subsequent summer, autumn, and winter. He was wounded during the Unkerlanter evacuation of Sulingen's largest ironworks, spent time outside the city recuperating, and was assigned to a new unit which was to be involved in the Unkerlanter counterattack which resulted in the encirclement of the Algarvians fighting inside the city. His unit fought its way through to Durrwangen and he was involved in the defense of the Unkerlanter salient centered on the city.

Leudast was personally promoted from sergeant to lieutenant by Marshal Rathar after recognizing Duke Raniero as he fled Grelz. Raniero had been named King of Grelz by his cousin, King Mezentio of Algarve.

Leudast took part in the Unkerlanter advance all the way to the Algarvian border with Yanina, during which he established a romance with a peasant girl, Alize, in the Duchy of Grelz. He participated in the Unkerlanter attack on Trapani. After the Algarvian surrender, he was transported along with his regiment to the far west, where he participated in the Unkerlanter attack on Gyongyos which, along with the destruction of the capital, Gyorvar, caused the Gyongyosians to surrender, ending the Derlavaian War. After the war he returns to the village of Leiferde, home of Alize, and it is implied that he will marry her and remain a career officer in the Unkerlanter army.