Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness;
Darkness Descending;
Through the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Forthweg
Cause of Death: Bludgeoned to death in a domestic dispute
Occupation: Soldier, accountant, construction worker
Parents: Hestan and Elfryth
Relatives: Ealstan (brother), Hengist (uncle), Sidroc (cousin)

Leofsig was a Forthwegian soldier in the opening phase of the Derlavaian War.

He took part in the ill-fated initial invasion of Algarve and was captured when it turned into rout. At the captives' camp he stood up for the Kaunian captives, who suffered bullying and insults from both the Algarvian guards and racist fellow prisoners. He was sent to share with Kaunians the degrading work of digging latrines - which also got him a share in the escape tunnel which the Kaunians secretly dug.

On his return to his home in Gromheort, his father Hestan was forced to bribe Algarvian administrators to look the other way at his escape from prison camp. He continued to stand up for the Kaunians, and broke up a promising relationship because his girlfriend Felgilde - who could have become his wife - turned out to be an anti-Kaunian racist.

Leofsig's cousin Sidroc and uncle Hengist both exhibited pro-Algarvian and anti-Kaunian leanings; when Sidroc joined Plegmund's Brigade, a unit of Forthwegians fighting for Algarve, Leofsig decided it was good riddance as Sidroc would not be able to inform the Algarvians of his escape if he was in Unkerlant as a soldier.

Sidroc got leave and returned to Gromheort, and during his stay Leofsig provoked him into a fight, which ended when Sidroc bashed Leofsig to death with a chair.