Laura Secord Moss
Fictional Character
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): Breakthroughs
The Victorious Opposition
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Canada
Date of Birth: c. 1891
Date of Death: 1941
Cause of Death: Killed in an explosion
Occupation: Farmer, Housewife
Spouse: Isaac (d. circa 1914),
Jonathan Moss
Children: Dorothy Moss
Relatives: Laura Secord (fourth-great aunt)

Laura Secord Moss (c. 1891 - February 1941) was a Canadian farmer descended from (and named for) the Canadian patriot of the War of 1812, Laura Secord. She lived in Berlin, Ontario, and lost her first husband, Isaac, a Canadian soldier, during the Great War.

A staunch Canadian patriot well aware and proud of her ancestry, toward the end of the war she established an antagonistic but oddly strong relationship with American pilot Jonathan Moss. Mainly in order to win her, Moss after the war gave up the option of a far more lucrative legal career in Chicago and moved to Berlin (now a part of Occupied Canada). There he established an office as an attorney in military occupation courts, providing some help to Canadians suffering from abuse by the occupation authorities. Thereupon, Laura consented to marry him, and eventually they had a daughter, Dorothy.

Shortly before the outbreak of the Second Great War, Jonathan Moss asked the US Army Air Force to let him train for flying their new planes - and the request was eventually granted, though Moss was older than most combat pilots. A paper published an article about Moss and his Canadian wife - which had the tragic result of drawing the attention of the radical Canadian nationalist Mary McGregor Pomeroy, who saw Laura Moss as a traitor to their country - espcially considering her ancestry. Pomeroy sent a mail bomb, which exploded and killed Laura and Dorothy (while Jonathan was at work). Pomeroy was eventually arrested by U.S. forces and executed by firing squad.

The embittered Moss left Canada, never to return, and with the outbreak of the Second Great War resumed full-time combat flying. He learned of Pomeroy's execution while a POW in Andersonville.

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