Historical Figure
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Date of Birth: 8th century
Date of Death: 8th century
Cause of Death: Unknown
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Occupation: Politician
Political Office(s): Governor of Governor of the Anatolic Theme
Fictional Appearances:
"Farmers' Law"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference

Lankinos was the governor of the Anatolic theme during the reign of Constantine V. According to the Chronicle of Theophanes, in 741 CE, just after he became emperor, Constantine was at war with his brother-in-law, Artabasdos, who also sought the throne. Lankinos supported Constantine, and Constantine ultimately prevailed. However, little else is recorded about Lankinos' life.

Lankinos in "Farmers' Law"[]

Lankinos was as much an iconoclast as the emperor. When the farmer Theodore was murdered in the village of Abrostola, in the Anatolic Theme, the villagers, who were quite fond of their icons, realized that Lankinos would most likely send another iconoclast to their village. Thus, they charged their priest, Father George, with finding the killer, rather than go to Lankinos.[1]


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