Lady Quill
Fictional Character
by Laura Frankos
"A Late Symmer Night's Battle"
by Laura Frankos

Fantasy pastiche
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Faerie
Occupation: Noblewoman

Lady Quill was the ranking official of Faerie while King Oberon and Queen Titania were away on their Second Honeymoon Tour. She interrupted Peaseblossom's party to announce that kobolds invaded Faerie. She ordered the military to arms, and sent the civilians to Oberon's Glade.

Lady Quill participated in the skirmish against the kobolds. When both sides were attacked by reremice, Lady Quill's owls riders helped fight them off. She directed the fairies to leave the field of battle to fight the reremice and protect the civilians, allowing them to escape into recently unearthed caves. The reremice now focused on the kobolds. However, rather than leave the kobolds to their fate, Lady Quill accepted Mustardseed's proposal that the fairy also shelter the kobolds.