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The Labour Party is a center-left/left-wing democratic socialist political party in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1900, although it can trace its roots back to various groups in the late-19th Century. It achieved its first government in 1924, permanently surpassing the Liberal Party as one of the UK's two largest parties and as the Conservatives' main competition. The Labour Party continues to be a viable party.

Labour Party in The Man With the Iron Heart

After being a part of a coalition government for the duration of World War II, the Labour Party successfully contested the 1945 General election, and Clement Attlee became Prime Minister. However, the Labour Party soon found itself grappling with the German Freedom Front's acts of terrorism in occupied Germany, and was subject to criticism for the years following the war. This included attacks on Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral in 1947. By 1948, Attlee's government had begun withdrawing troops.

Labour Party in The War That Came Early

Labour Party MPs joined with Liberal Party MPs and a few Tories who opposed the Hess Agreement, in a failed motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Horace Wilson in November, 1940.[1]


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