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The Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata was the last and most short-lived Viceroyalty of the Spanish Empire in America.

The Viceroyalty was established in 1776 out of several former Viceroyalty of Perú dependencies that mainly extended over the Río de la Plata basin, roughly the present day territories of Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The entire existence of the Viceroyalty was characterized by growing unrest and instability. Starting 1780, the Viceroyalty was subject to a series of on-and-off revolts by various factions, including native peoples, criollos and mestizos. The final revolution came in 1809, which spread throughout the Viceroyalty. In 1814, the Viceroyalty ceased to exist.

La Plata in The Two GeorgesEdit

La Plata was one of three large entities that ensured the Holy Alliance's strong foot-hold in South America.[1]


  1. Map The Two Georges, frontispiece. The borders of the fictional La Plata and the historical Viceroyalty are nearly identical, although the fictional one also contains much of southern Chile. Whether La Plata is still a Viceroyalty is not addressed.
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