The LT vz 35 was was a Czech light tank used by Germany during World War II. In the German Army, it was designated Panzerkampfwagen 35(t), or Panzer 35(t). The (t) stands for tschechisch, the German word for Czech.

The LT vz 35 saw action in Poland, Norway, France, and the Soviet Union.

LT vz 35 in The War That Came EarlyEdit

When the German Army invaded Czechoslovakia in 1938, the LT vz 35 was the one Czech tank that saw the most action. Although more powerful than anything the Germans had, the Czech's lacked the numbers and the tactics needed to be truly formidable, and the majority of the tanks were simply over whelmed. Ludwig Rothe manged to destroy one of the tanks during the opening hours of the Invasion.

The few that survied the invasion, were pressed into service in the Germany Army as it tore through the Low Countries and into France, and even Norway.

After the Škoda Works had been repaired in 1940, the factory was used to turn out more LT 35's for the German Army as it needed all the tanks it could get it's hands on.

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