Krispos of Videssos  
Cover artist Romas
Series The Tale of Krispos
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date 1991
Preceded by Krispos Rising
Followed by Krispos the Emperor

Krispos of Videssos is the second book in The Tale of Krispos trilogy. It picks up immediately after the end of Krispos Rising, with Krispos settling into his newly-won position of Avtokrator of Videssos.

He also marries his lover Dara, widow of Anthimos III. He also names his foster brother, Mavros his Sevastos.

Throughout the book, Krispos has to deal with raids by an evil priest named Harvas Black-robe, an internal rebellion led by his predecessor's uncle General Petronas, theological/political problems with the patriarchs of the empire, and the issue of the identity of his son's father. Krispos struggles to overcome all these problems but manages to retain his crown and his head.

During the novel, Krispos learns more about being an Avtokrator and the power struggles that come with that exalted position.

It is in this novel that Krispos' wife Dara gives birth to his first son and, later his successor, Phostis, whom Krispos names after his father, who died after a cholera outbreak in his village.

Mavros dies fighting Harvas, leading Krispos to name Iakovitzes, a man who had his tongue cut out by Harvas, as Sevastos.