A fan-drawn "Down in the Bottomlands" map, based on information stated in the novella. It may not reflect Harry Turtledove's intention with complete accuracy.

The Krepalgan Unity was one of the nations on the Great Continent. It was to the east of the Hereditary Tyranny of Tartesh and bordered on the Bottomlands but did not claim any part of it.

The Unity was populated by Highheads. On several occasions it had allied with the Kingdom of Morgaf against Tartesh but remained neutral during their last war twenty years prior.

In the late 20th century, the Krepalgan government, with some support from elements in Morgaf, attempted to detonate a starbomb such that it would flood the Bottomlands, and give the Krepalgan Unity access to the newly created sea. Two agents, Evillia and Lofosa, came very close to succeeding. The two took poison pills to escape capture by Tartesh forces after planting the bomb, and a koprit bird stole the detonators, inadvertently deactivating the bomb.[1]


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