Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Into the Darkness
Out of the Darkness
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Valmiera
Spouse: Lurcanio (common-law arrangment)
Children: Gainibu
Relatives: Skarnu (brother)

Krasta was a Valmieran marchioness during the Derlavaian War. She was Skarnu's extremely haughty, shrewish, and spoiled sister.

When the Algarvians occupied Priekule, the Valmieran capital, she entered into an affair with an Algarvian colonel, Lurcanio, which produced a son, Gainibu. At the same time, she was friends with Viscount Valnu, who gave a great appearance of being a foppish, dissolute bisexual nobleman. However, Valnu was secretly a member of the Valmieran resistance, and used Krasta as a source of information. Count Amatu, a pro-Algarvian nobleman who'd shared his itinerary with Krasta, was killed by the resistance after Krasta innocently let Valnu know. Valnu did make some efforts to keep Krasta safe. For example, not long after Valnu took Krasta out of the palace for a walk during a party, an egg exploded.

Krasta was the exact opposite of Skarnu; she actively scorned the commoners of her country and mistreated her servants. She was also very irresponsible and haughty and led an expensive lifestyle. Krasta was also a blind follower: her relationship with Lurcanio arose when she realized that the Algarvians were going to be the power in Valmiera and that she should treat them as such.