Kolskegg Cheese-Curd
Fictional Character
Appearance(s): "A Difficult Undertaking"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Halogaland
Religion: Haloga Polytheism
Cause of Death: Improperly cast spell
Occupation: Wizard

Kolskegg Cheese-Curd was a Haloga wizard who was caught in the siege of Sotevag. Specializing in the art of tyromancy, the reading of cheese curds, he was only of limited use to the warleader Ulror Raska's son. After Ulror declared to his enemy Kypros Zigabenos "The only way you’ll get me out of Sotevag is stinking in my coffin!" he called upon Kolskegg to see about his future. Kolskegg confirmed that Ulror's future contained a coffin and the stench of the grave.

To avoid having to die, Ulror ordered Kolskegg to cast a seeming on him so he would appear dead. Not familiar with necromancy, Kolskegg reversed components of the spell which resulted in his own death.

Ulror had found Kolskegg to be cowardly in life. However, Ulror realized that Kolskegg had bravely striven to grant his leader's orders, and so Ulror made sure his body was treated with respect.

Kolskegg's death was detected by Videssian mage Bonosos.