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|name = Klaus
|name = Klaus
|type of appearance = Referenced
|type of appearance = Referenced
|nationality = [[Germany]]}}'''Klaus''' was one of several townsfolk in [[Cologne#Cologne in "Not All Wolves"|Cologne]] who pursued the [[werewolf]] [[Dieter]] one night in 1176.
|nationality = {{Germans|[[Germany]]}}, Holy Roman Empire
|birth={{FictionalWorkBirths|12th}} century
}}'''Klaus''' was one of several townsfolk in [[Cologne (Not All Wolves)|Cologne]] who pursued the [[Werewolf (Not All Wolves)|werewolf]] [[Dieter (Not All Wolves)|Dieter]] one night in 1176.
{{Not All Wolves}}
{{Not All Wolves}}
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Fictional Character
"Not All Wolves"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Referenced
Nationality: Germany, Holy Roman Empire
Date of Birth: 12th century

Klaus was one of several townsfolk in Cologne who pursued the werewolf Dieter one night in 1176.

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