Kitty Latchett
Fictional Character
"The Yorkshire Mammoth"
POD: c. 11,700 years ago
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Nationality: England, United Kingdom
Date of Birth: 19th century
Spouse: Wilf (husband)
Children: Ralph, unnamed other son.

Kitty Latchett was the wife of Yorkshire farmer Wilf Latchett. She made a hobby of making carvings, usually from stone. In 1938, their mammoth, Old Bill broke one of his tusks. Veterinarian George Holley was able to repair the tusk, and engaged dentist Aryeh Teitelbaum to build a concrete replacement tusk. In gratitude, Kitty took a small piece of Old Bill's real tusk and carved the figure of a mammoth. Wilf sold the rest. Not long before the outbreak of World War II, Latchett paid Teitelbaum five pounds, and gave him the little ivory mammoth carving.[1]


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