Fictional Character
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): All volumes
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: The Race
Nationality: Home, resident of Race Colonies on Tosev 3
Religion: Emperor-worship
Occupation: Shiplord
Military Branch: Conquest Fleet (Race Invasion of Tosev 3, Race-German War of 1965)

Kirel was a high-ranking male of the Race's Conquest Fleet at Tosev 3. He commanded Fleetlord Atvar's bannership, the 127th Emperor Hetto, and was thus senior to every male of the fleet save Atvar himself. A stodgy, cautious, and doctrinaire male by nature, his military leadership qualities were inadequate to the rapidly-changing situation with which the Race was confronted on Tosev 3. Nonetheless, he maintained the trust of Atvar through personal loyalty, unlike the next-highest ranked shiplord, the much bolder Straha.

Kirel went on record as opposing Straha's vote of no-confidence in Atvar, but it must have occurred to him that, as shiplord of the bannership, he would have been a prime candidate for fleetlord had the shiplords relieved Atvar of his duties.

Atvar, a naturally suspicious male, was often doubtful of the innocence of Kirel's motives, but if Kirel ever plotted against Atvar he managed to keep it concealed for the entire time he served under his fleetlord. When Atvar was recalled to Home in the Tosevite year 1972, Kirel's patience and loyalty were rewarded: The Emperor named him Fleetlord of the Conquest Fleet (though of course plans for the conquest of Tosev 3 had been all but abandoned many years before).

Military offices
Preceded by
Fleetlord of the Conquest Fleet
Succeeded by
Incumbent at series' end, 2032