The King of Kings was the absolute ruler of Makuran for centuries. Much like its rival, the Empire of Videssos, the Kingdom of Makuran saw periods of great strength and stability followed by periods of incredible instability, and the fate of the reigning King of Kings could follow suit.

Literary comment[]

This page lists the King of Kings Harry Turtledove identified throughout the Videssos series. Many shares names with historical royal family members of Persia, on which Makuran is based.

Razmara the Magnificent[]

Under Razmara the Magnificent, the Makuraner Empire attained its maximum territorial extent.[1]


Under Rishtaspa, the Makuraner Empire hit a low point. The Videssians sacked the city, and Rishtaspa was killed. Avtokrator Stavrakios[2] took the helmet from Rishtaspa's corpse as a battle trophy, which was displayed in Videssos the city down the ages.


Valash King of Kings was the father and immediate predecessor of Peroz.










Nakhorgan was on the Makuraner throne when Krispos became Avtokrator of Videssos. Nakhorgan's price for continued peace was the return of Makuraner territory taken by Petronas in a recent war. As Videssos was embroiled in the Kubrat War to the east, Krispos had no choice but to agree.[3]

Literary comment[]

Nakhorgan is probably the incumbent King of Kings referenced in Krispos Rising chapter VI, the first time the office is mentioned. He seems to be still on the throne at the end of Krispos of Videssos, judging by his posthumous reference in Krispos the Emperor.


Rubyab, son of Nakhorgan, reigned concurrently with Krispos, Avtokrator of Videssos. Not wanting a head-on war with Videssos, Rubyab sponsored the Thanasioi rebellion within Videssos' borders to weaken Makuran's rival.

Literary comment[]

Rubyab is the incumbent King of Kings throughout Krispos the Emperor.


Varahran was the last King of Kings of Makuran. A few decades before the arrival of the Ronams, Avshar summoned a demon to slay Varahran while he slept. The Yezda conquered Makuran and renamed it Yezd in short order.[4]


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