Justin Perrin
Fictional Character
Household Gods
Time-travel Story Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1995
Parents: Frank Perrin,
Nicole Gunther,
Dawn Soderstrom (stepmother)
Relatives: Justin Perrin (brother), see also Nicole Gunther's family, Umma's family

Kimberley Perrin was the daughter of Frank Perrin and Nicole Gunther, and the older sister of Justin Perrin. By 1999, her father, who had abandoned the family and was living with his new wife Dawn Soderstrom, was severely behind in child support payments. Kimberley and Justin spent most days in the care of Josefina while their mother was working at the law firm of Rosenthal, Gallagher, Kaplan, Jeter, Gonzalez, & Feng. This ended when Josefina had to leave Los Angeles to care for her ailing mother in Ciudad Obregón. To make matters worse, Kimberley came down with a bad virus at the same time. She watched the videotape of Toy Story, which she usually enjoyed and would have her roaring with laughter at a better time, was unable to concentrate on the antics of Woody and Buzz, staring past the screen with a dull detachment.