The Khamorth were nomadic tribes and clans that originated somewhere in Pardraya and invaded the western provinces of the Empire of Videssos. The leaders of these tribes were known as Khagans. Khamorth clans at the time of the arrival of the Roman Legion include the White Foxes, Spotted Leopards, Leaping Goats, and the Wolves.

They established the following successor states from the Videssian territories they conquered:

Once the conquests were done, they settled and later adopted Videssian practices with variations of their own. Notable of them is the Balance of Phos theology. In fact, most Khamorth nobles in their successor states hardly remained nomads, instead adopting the customs of Videssian nobles, though the natives of Khatrish were forced by their khagans to maintain full beards, just to remind them of their ancestry. 

The Khamorth were nomadic pastoralists, following the migrations of their herds across the steppe. They developed in rituatl of inhaling the smoke from the burnt hemp plant in an elaborate felt "tent within a tent." Among the most strongly-held Khamorth customs was the aversion to frogs. To hear a frog's croak was an omen of death among the Khamorth; "frog" was a fight-starting insult. Tolui, the shaman of the Gray Horse Arshaum, was able to exploit this, causing a rain of frogs which broke Varatesh's army during the battle between the Arshaum and the outlaws.

Some decades before the arrival of the Roman legion of Marcus Aemilius Scaurus, a Khamorth clan, the Yezda, overthrew the Makuran Empire and established Yezd state in its stead. Not long after, the Arshaum arrived from unknown regions in the far west and pushed the Khamorth east of the Shaum River. The Arshaum soone inspired great fear in the Khamorth, who invoked the other nomads to frighten naughty children into behaving. 

During the war between Videssos and Yezd, most of the Khamorth clans joined together to battle Varatesh and his "clan" of outlaws. Thanks to Avshar's battle magic, the allied clans were defeated, and Varatesh became Royal Khagan in Pardraya, although he was a mere puppet of Avshar. Batbaian, the son of Targitaus of the Wolves, returned to Pardraya after the Arshaum army defeated Varatesh's forces. 

Literary comment  []

The Khamorth are analogous to the Turks.