Khalid al-Zarzisi
Fictional Character
Through Darkest Europe
1st POD: c. 1100 CE
2nd POD c. 1265 CE
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Republican Sultanate of the Maghrib
Religion: Islam
Date of Birth: c. 1975
Occupation: Federal agent
Spouse: Unnamed first wife (divorced);
Annarita Pezzola (m. 2018)
Relatives: Uncle Masud
Military Branch: Italian Army (semi-formal deputization)

Khalid al-Zarzisi was an investigator for the government of the Republican Sultanate of the Maghrib. As a young man, Khalid attended the madrasa of Cairo. His Uncle Masud, an investigator for the city of Tunis, got Khalid started in government service. Khalid was married, but the marriage ended in divorce.