Kathy Kidder
Fictional Character
"Father of the Groom"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 20th century
Occupation: Dog-breeder
Spouse: Tesla Kidder
Children: Archimedes Kidder

Kathy Kidder was married to Professor Tesla Kidder, a mad scientist, and had one son named Archie. While not a scientist like her husband, she too was a bit mad or more than a bit since bred Weimaraners for a living.[1] Archie was engaged to a woman named Kate, who was finishing her MBA while Archie was doing research for his PhD.[2]

When Archie and Kate became engaged, Kate's family began planning the wedding, and Kate soon proved determined to micromanage her wedding. Conversely, the Kidder family was left with little to do, and Tesla Kidder in particular realized he was simply required to show up, and not much else. However, when he heard his niece Stacey, who was one of Kate's bridesmaids, say aloud that Kate was "going Bridezilla", Kidder decided that the metaphor was worthy of reification. On the drive home, Kathy heard her slightly tipsy husband use the word "reification", but didn't know what it meant, so ignored him.[3]

The next day, Kidder aimed a long-range genetic recodifier at Kate while she shopped at the Northridge Mall with her bridesmaids,[4] turning Kate into a version of Godzilla. Kate roared, shot fire out of her mouth, and sent the people in the mall running in terror. The media soon converged on the mall. Kidder watched events on TV, but Kathy called and ordered him to stop what he was doing and undo the damage, brooking no argument. Archie called after Kathy hung up, and begged his father to stop, promising that Kate would no longer be a metaphorical Bridezilla after the ceremony. Kidder relented, and reversed Kate's transformation. For her part, Kate remembered little of what happened.[5]

The wedding was a success. After the vows, Archie said "Kiss me, Kate!". She did, but didn't quite understand the reference.[6]


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