Kalavria was an island province of the Empire of Videssos, the most eastward area known.

General Maniakes was stationed on Kalavria when he received word of Avtokrator Genesios' depravities, which led to his leaving Kalavria, overthrowing Genesios, and becoming Avtokrator himself.[1]

When the Empire fell into civil war, a Haloga chieftian named Ulror Raska's son saw an opportunity to overrun the island. The Halogai drive actually proved successful overall, until Ulror found himself besieged at the fortress at Sotevag by a Videssian army led by Kypros Zigabenos. Despite several weeks of siege, Ulror was able to trick his way out of the fortress by faking his own death.[2]

Sometime later Kalavria fell to the Halogai and became the Duchy of Namdalen.[3]

Literary comment[]

The name Kalavria resembles Calabria, the southernmost region of the Italian peninsula. Calabria is near Sicily, the historical model for Namdalen.


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