Kajoo Toopa
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"The Pugnacious Peacemaker"
First POD: AD 664
Second POD: AD 732
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Nationality: Tawantiinsuuju
Religion: Inca pantheon
Occupation: Nobleman
Spouse: Kuurikwiljor

Kajoo Toopa was a Tawantiinsuujuan nobleman who married the widow Kuurikwiljor in 1941, while Ib Scoglund was presenting the treaty which was intended to end the Tawantiinsuuju-dar al-Harb Wars. Although there was a stigma in Tawantiinsuujuan culture against marrying widows, the upward mobility in marrying into a higher family overrode the stigma in Kajoo Toopa's mind.[1]