Fictional Character
Chicxulub Asteroid Missed
POD: 66 million years ago
Appearance(s): "The Quest for the Great Gray Mossy"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unnamed
Species: Greenskin
Religion: World Egg
Occupation: Mossy hunter
Children: Unnamed son, presumed dead

Kain was the captain of the Flowerbud, a mossy-hunting vessel. The ship had a tragic encounter with the Great Gray Mossy. Kain's eldest hatchling commanded the harpoon boat that sought to catch the Great Gray Mossy. The Mossy instead overturned the boat. Kain's hatchling went missing. Kain order the Flowerbud to search the ocean. The ship encountered the Queepahd, captained by Baja, who was consumed by his desire to kill the Great Gray Mossy. Kain explained what had happened and asked for the Queepahd's help to find survivors. Baja, consumed by wrath, refused, instead heading for the area where the Flowerbud had battled the Great Gray Mossy.[1]

Some time later, after the Great Gray Mossy sank the Queepahd and killed most of the crew, including Baja, the Flowerbud retrieved Milvil, the only survivor of the Queepahd.[2]

Literary Comment[]

Kain parallels Captain Gardiner in Moby-Dick. Gardiner is captain of the Rachel, which for this story has been conflated with another ship, the Rosebud. Rather than a pun on Gardiner's name, Kain's name appears to be a reference to Citizen Kane, a movie whose first spoken line is "Rosebud".


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