Justin Kloster's mother
Fictional Character
Justin Kloster Stories
Set in OTL
Appearance(s): "Twenty-One, Counting Up"
Type of Appearance: Contemporary references, unnamed
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 20th century
Spouse: Mr. Kloster (divorced)
Children: Justin Kloster
Relatives: Saul and Lije (grandsons)

Justin Kloster's mother stopped living a lie in 1995, when her son was 17. Coming out of the closet and proclaiming herself a lesbian, Mom divorced Dad, and it was not a happy experience.

Justin was resentful when, after breaking up, both parents took female lovers who were close to Justin's own age. Mom and Dad sent Justin an allowance to help maintain his apartment at the Acapulco, so that none of the three would have to have much personal contact with any of the others. This was the situation in 1999.

After his own divorce from Megan Tricoupis, it seemed that Justin's link to the vicious cycle of broken marriages was unbreakable. Or was it?