Justin Kloster
Fictional Character
Justin Kloster Stories
Set in OTL
Appearance(s): "Forty, Counting Down" and
"Twenty-One, Counting Up"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1978
Occupation: Student, Scientist, Progammer, Inventor, Executive
Parents: Unnamed father and mother
Spouse: Megan Tricoupis (in the first timeline; divorced);
Lindsey Fletcher (in the second timeline)
Children: None (first timeline);
Saul and Lije (second timeline)
Affiliations: CompUSA;
Superstrings, Inc.

Justin Kloster (b. April 1978) was a scientist who, at the age of 40, attempted use of time travel to prevent his divorce. Although he failed in this objective, he instead dramatically rewrote his life for the better.

Kloster at age 40[]

Justin Kloster was a computer expert employed by a company called Superstrings, Inc. Although his marriage to Megan Tricoupis had ended in divorce some time ago, Kloster was still miserable about his wife. In 2018, he invented a time machine that allowed him to visit his 21-year-old self at a time when Justin and Megan were early in their relationship. Determined to save his marriage, the 40-year-old Justin convinced his younger self to allow the older Justin to take his place. Even at age forty, Justin still looked about 21 years old, and so could easily fool Megan.

However, Justin was too anxious to save his marriage. Although he had retained his youthful appearance, he wasn't 21 years old. He looked at the world with an older man's eyes, finding many of the activities Megan wanted to partake of either boring or exhausting. Further, he attempted to speed up the course of the relationship, proclaiming his love for Megan after knowing her a relatively short time (originally, he'd told Megan he loved her a year into their relationship), and began to speak of marriage. Megan soon felt alienated, and ended the relationship. When the 21-year-old Justin found out, the older Justin panicked, and returned to the future. The change in the past altered Justin's future. Upon his return, he discovered that rather than being an employee of Superstrings, he was the founder of the company. Further, he was happily married with two children.

Kloster at age 21[]