Justin Becker
Fictional Character
"Speaker to Emos"
POD: c. 350,000 years ago
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: c. 1987
Occupation: Actor

Justin Becker was an actor with Von Mellenthin's Syndrome. Though out of work, he'd paid enough union dues that the union continued to pay for his sessions with counselor Carol Nugent.

After he arrived late to his most recent session, Nugent read him the riot act, reminding him that emos were a minority, and that, as much as he felt stifled by the world, the world wasn't going to change for him or any other emo. She asked him to imagine being abruptly dropped into Slovenia for the rest of his life, and asked him what he'd think he'd do. When he reasoned out that he'd have to start learning the Slovenian language and adapting to Slovenian culture, Nugent then had him overlay that idea onto his own life and worldview. Becker expressed willingness to consider this idea, and to continue their sessions. [1]


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