Junius Blaesus
Fictional Character
Videssos Cycle
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): The Misplaced Legion;
An Emperor for the Legion;
The Legion of Videssos
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Roman resident of Videssos
Date of Birth: 1st century BC
Cause of Death: Murder by stabbing
Occupation: Soldier, mercenary
Military Branch: Roman Army, then Videssian imperial mercenary service

Junius Blaesus was an underofficer in one of the three Roman cohorts commanded by Marcus Scaurus during a "reconnaissance in force" in Gaul and was transported to Videssos sometime in year Zero+1200.

Blaesus commanded a squad of scouts. He and his men caught a Gaul skulking in the underbrush and brought him to Scaurus for questioning. However, they failed to find a knife he had slung under his shoulder and to hold him tightly so the Gaul managed to get loose long enough to kill himself. Scaurus chastised Blaesus and then ordered him to double the patrols he sent out. This was for naught as a Gaulish force twice the size of the Roman one soon blocked their passage and forced battle.[1]

Almost immediately after the three cohorts were transported, Blaesus reconnoitred the immediate surroundings. He concluded that they were no longer in Gaul since the foliage seemed to be more like that of Greece. He also reported a good location to set up a camp for the night. Scaurus looked it over, agreed and set the legionaries to work.[2] However, after dark, unknown constellations appeared showing that they were in a different world.[3]

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