Juan Perón
Historical Figure
Nationality: Argentina
Date of Birth: 1895
Date of Death: 1974
Cause of Death: Heart attack
Religion: Catholicism (excommunicated)
Occupation: Soldier, politician
Spouse: Aurelia Tizón (d. 1938)
Eva "Evita" Duarte (d. 1952)
Isabel Martinez
Military Branch: Argentine Army
Political Party: Labour Party,
Justicialist Party
Political Office(s): Secretary of Labour and Social Security,
Minister of War,
Vice President of Argentina
President of Argentina
Fictional Appearances:
"The Great White Way"
by Laura Frankos

Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: VR avatar
Cause of Death: Shot to death
In the Presence of Mine Enemies
POD: c. 1940
Type of Appearance: Oblique posthumous reference
Date of Death: Unrevealed
Political Office(s): Leader (title unknown) of Argentina

Juan Domingo Perón (8 October 1895 – 1 July 1974) was an Argentine general and politician, elected three times as President of Argentina, after serving in several government positions, including Labor Secretary and Vice President. He was first elected in 1946, after participating in a military coup three years before. While Argentina had remained neutral during World War II, Perón's admiration for fascism led him to shelter Nazi war-criminals on the run. He served one full term, and was re-elected in 1952. However, his radical reforms polarized the country. He was excommunicated by the Catholic Church, and ousted in 1955. After years of exile, he returned to power in 1973 and served for nine months, until his death in 1974.

The musical play Evita depicts crucial events of Perón's first presidency.

Juan Perón in "The Great White Way"[]

Virtual reality representations of Juan Perón and his wife Evita were among the ranks of Brent Birley's Webberite army during the battle against Trina Hutchinson's Sondheads. The Perones' presidential guards slaughtered a Roman Legion led by Miles Gloriosus, but Juan and Evita were swiftly gunned down by an overjoyed Lee Harvey Oswald (who saw himself as ridding the virtual world of fascist icons), and their guards faded away in despair.

Juan Perón in In the Presence of Mine Enemies[]

Juan Perón became the leader of Argentina after the Second World War. He developed ties to the Greater German Reich and the victorious Axis. His popularity was such that his last name was given to the office of the head of state of Argentina.[1]


Political offices
Preceded by
Edelmiro Julián Farrell
Vice President of Argentina
Succeeded by
Juan Pistarini
President of Argentina
Succeeded by
Eduardo Lonardi
Preceded by
Raúl Alberto Lastiri
President of Argentina
Succeeded by
Isabel Perón