Joseph Darnand
Joseph Darnand.jpg
Historical Figure
Nationality: France
Date of Birth: 1897
Date of Death: 1945
Cause of Death: Execution by Firing Squad
Occupation: Soldier, Politician
Military Branch: French Army (World War I);
SS (World War II)
Political Party: Action Francaise;
Chevaliers du Glaive
Fictional Appearances:
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): Aftershocks
Type of Appearance: Direct (via telephone)
Military Branch: SS (Race Invasion of Tosev 3)
Political Office(s): Minister of Purification (from 1965)

Joseph Darnand (19 March 1897 - 10 October 1945) was a leader of the French political far right before and during World War II. His political and military career is checkered. He was a one-time member of Action Francaise, a follower of Jacques Doriot, and the leader of his own Fascist group. After France fell to Germany, Darnand was supportive of the Vichy government for a time, but his anti-German sentiments led him to attempt an alliance with the French Resistance on three separate occasions. Upon his third failed attempt, Darnand cast his lot with the Nazis and became an officer in the SS. Darnand was captured in the last days of the war, tried, and executed by firing squad for treason on 10 October 1945.

Joseph Darnand in Worldwar[]

After the Race-German War of 1965 and the liberation of France, Joseph Darnand ascended to the office of "Minister of Purification" in the French Fourth Republic.[1] In this capacity, Darnand oversaw the investigation and arrest of people who had collaborated with the Germans during the 25-year occupation. One such accused person was Monique Dutourd, who had had a non-consensual sexual liaison with SS officer Dieter Kuhn. However, Race researcher Felless spoke directly to Darnard and convinced him that, because Dutourd was not a willing partner, that the Race wanted her released. Darnand grudgingly agreed.[2]


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