Joseph recognized by his brothers-Bourgeois.jpg
Joseph Recognized by His Brothers (1863 painting by Léon Pierre Urbain Bourgeois)
Biblical Figure
Nationality: Israelite citizen of Egypt
Religion: Judaism
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Occupation: Shepherd, Slave, Politician
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Political Office: Prime Minister of Egypt
Parents: Jacob and Rachel
Spouse: Asenath
Children: Manasseh and Ephraim
Turtledove Appearances:
"The Great White Way"
by Laura Frankos

Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: VR avatar
Cause of Death: Slashed to death

Joseph (Hebrew: יוֹסֵף; Arabic: يوسف‎; Ancient Greek: Ἰωσήφ) is an important figure in the Bible's Book of Genesis, chapters 37-50.

In the biblical narrative, Joseph son of Jacob was an Israelite shepherd, sold into slavery in Egypt by his jealous brothers. Due to his cleverness and gifts from God, Joseph rose from slavery to become vizier, the second most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh, where his presence and office caused the Israelites to leave Canaan and settle in Egypt. Pharaoh gave him the name "Zaphnath-Paaneah" (Hebrew צָפְנַת פַּעְנֵחַ, Greek Ψονθομφανήχ, Genesis 41:45). Although the story is set at an unspecified date between 2000 and 1600 BC, its composition has not been proven to predate 700 BC. There is no extra-biblical attestation of the existence of Joseph and other characters in the narrative.

An often-referenced literary point regarding Joseph is the כְּתֹנֶת פַּסִּים‎ "ketonet passim", a garment given to Joseph by his father to signify authority on their ranch. Usually translated as "coat of many colors", but also "a long robe with sleeves" or "a richly ornamented robe," this garment is torn and smeared with goat blood by Joseph's brothers, then presented as "proof" that Joseph has been mauled to death by wild beasts. Despite being only a minor element in the original narrative, this garment has inspired much speculation and literary creativity, including the musical play Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1970).

Joseph in "The Great White Way"[]

Donnie Osmond as Joseph in the 1999 televised performance

Joseph and his brothers were among the Webberite regiments in the Sondheim-Webber battle.

Joseph just barely survived his 11 brothers' deaths at the hands of the Sondhead champion Sweeney Todd, and managed to collect some of the game's treasure targets, including the bowler hat hidden in Marcus Lycus' mansion, before meeting the same fate.

Joseph's coat of many colors was one of the Webberite treasures. The Sondhead Witch captured it in the Last Supper dining room, scoring points for her side.