John Quincy Adams
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Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1767
Date of Death: 1848
Cause of Death: Cerebral hemorrhage
Religion: Unitarian
Occupation: Lawyer, Politician, Revolutionary, Poet
Parents: John and Abigail Adams
Spouse: Louisa Catherine Johnson
Children: Four
Relatives: Samuel Adams (cousin)
Political Party: Federalist (1792-1808)
Democratic-Republican (1808-1828)
National Republican (1828-1834)
Anti-Masonic (1834-1838)
Whig Party (1838-1848)
Political Office(s): Ambassador to the Netherlands, Prussia, Russia, and the United Kingdom
United States Representative from Massachusetts (1831-1848)
United States Senator from Massachusetts (1803-1808)
U.S. Secretary of State
President of the United States
Fictional Appearances:
"Hail! Hail!"
POD: December 15, 1826
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
The Disunited States of America
POD: July, 1787
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference
Nationality: Massachusetts
Political Office(s): Consul(?) of Massachusetts

John Quincy Adams (July 11, 1767 – February 23, 1848) was a diplomat, politician, and the sixth President of the United States.

Adams was the son of the United States' second President John Adams. He served as a Senator from Massachusetts (1803-1808) in between stints as ambassador to the Netherlands, Prussia, Russia, and the United Kingdom. As Secretary of State for James Monroe, he helped formulate the Monroe Doctrine in 1820. As President he proposed a program of modernization and educational advancement, but was stymied by Congress. Adams lost his 1828 bid for re-election to Andrew Jackson, whom he had defeated four years earlier.

Adams was elected a U.S. Representative from Massachusetts after leaving office, the only president ever to do so, serving for the last 17 years of his life. In the House he became a leading opponent of slavery. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage two days after casting a loud "no"-vote against a resolution to honor officers who served in the Mexican-American War.

John Quincy Adams in "Hail! Hail!"[]

The Marx brothers' trip to the past and interference in the Fredonian Rebellion took place during the presidency of John Quincy Adams. When Adolphus Sterne told Julius Marx that Fredonian leader Haden Edwards was trying to secure aid from the U.S., Marx remembered that Adams was anti-slavery, and so would not be sympathetic to Fredonia. Marx also realized that, thanks to the lack of mass communication, Adams would not have much immediate say over how nearby Americans troops acted, and that he might be stuck with a fait accompli.[1]

John Quincy Adams in The Disunited States of America[]

John Quincy Adams was the head of state of the country of Massachusetts. In 1837, he led his country through the Second Northeastern War, successfully annexing the country of Rhode Island. An angered citizen of Providence attempted to assassinate Adams later.

In 2097, Beckie Royer recalled a film she'd seen about the war and the near-assassination. She was of the belief that it played fast and loose with historical facts. The film, which had been broadcast in the relatively open climate of California, was banned by the politically conservative Virginia for fear of prompting an assassination. Ted Snodgrass tried to remember what Adams' title was. He thought it was consul, but wasn't sure.[2]

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