Joe Bauman's alien fans
Fictional Group
"The Star and the Rockets"
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed

In January 1954, three strange men in an Oldsmobile 88 Rocket bought gas from Joe Bauman's Texaco station Roswell, New Mexico. When they saw that Bauman was a man of the star (Texaco's symbol), and learned that he played baseball for the Roswell Rockets, the three strange men, in truth aliens, gave Bauman a supernatural gift, which eventually allowed Bauman hit a record 72 career home runs that season.

Bauman saw his alien fans one other time. After his 70th run, fans put money in the chicken-wire screening protecting them from the foul-line drives. When he collected the money, he received $100 from a four-fingered person, and a voice inside his head congratulated him.

The three aliens had three fingers and a thumb. Their faces were smooth, and their lips were thin. When Bauman met them, they all wore sunglasses (even though it was after sundown) and fedoras. Bauman could see that they had no hair. They had arrived on Earth in 1947, when their ship crashed outside of Roswell.