Fictional Character
"Gentlemen of the Shade"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct narrator
Species: Vampire
Nationality: United Kingdom
Affiliations: Sanguine Club

Jerome was a vampire living in London in 1888. He and four other vampires made up the Sanguine Club. Jerome had arrived in London shortly after the Black Plague.

Jerome was initially intrigued by his friend Martin's announcement that he'd encountered a sixth, previously unknown vampire. For his part, Jerome was excited by the possibility of always having a enough members at the Club to play whist. After the meeting broke up, Jerome began wandering Whitechapel, dining on (but carefully not killing or permanently injuring) a prostitute when he encountered the vampire. This new fellow smiled revoltingly at Jerome, and quickly clouded his mind before vanishing. Jerome opted not pursue, as sunrise was approaching.

Upon rising the next night, Jerome read an article about a particularly gruesome murder that had taken place the day before.

At the Club's next meeting the following week, Titus and Norton shared that they had also encountered the new vampire. They, like Jerome, had found him revolting.

The next night, another murder took place. To the club's chagrin, prostitutes stayed off the streets, making it difficult to feed. Nonetheless, Jerome wandered the East End some weeks later, and encountered Jack, who gleefully confessed his responsibility for the two murders. When Jerome argued the danger, Jack dismissed him. Jerome then asserted that the Sanguine Club would intervene. Jack stalked off.

Upon the next meeting, Norton revealed that he had a meeting with Jack similar to Jerome's. Martin insisted on giving Jack the benefit of the doubt, to which Titus and Arnold, agreed, and so extended an invitation to Jack. However, the meeting went badly, as Jack was contemptuous of the Club's lifestyle. When the Club warned Jack that they would stop him if he continued, he in turn warned them that he would gladly kill them, and stormed out.

The next nights saw the Club prowling Whitechapel. Jerome was able to thwart Jack once. However, because most of the group lived a good distance from the East End, their patrols would often end early so they could return home and avoid the sunrise. In the meantime, Jack begun writing taunting letters to the police as well as the Club.

In September, despite the group's best efforts, Jack struck again, killing two women in one night. While pursuing Jack from the site of his fourth victim, Jerome wrote a message upon a wall that broadly hinted at the Jews' "part" in the crimes.

For the month of October, at the direction of Titus, the Club went out every night. temporarily thwarting Jack. However, early in November, Jack was able to secure a victim indoors. Jerome and the Sanguine Club were able to capture Jack in the act. They buried him the foundation of the Tower Bridge, which was early in its construction.

Jerome worried that some centuries hence, Jack might be released.