Jeremy Solters
Fictional Character
Gunpowder Empire
POD: 12 BC
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States (home timeline)
Date of Birth: 2070s
Occupation: Student, store clerk
Parents: John Solters, Melissa Solters
Relatives: Amanda Solters (sister)

Jeremy Solters was the son of John and Melissa Solters, two Crosstime Traffic traders from Southern California in the home timeline. The Solterses traveled to Polisso, Dacia in the Agrippan Rome alternate to trade for grain. While dealing with natives of the Agrippan alternate, Jeremy used the neoLatin name Ieremeo Soltero Alto.

Jeremy and his younger sister Amanda Solters were left to themselves when John and Melissa had to flee back to the home timeline so that Melissa could be hospitalized for appendicitis (impossible to treat in the alternate with its primitive medicine). The siblings were then completely disconnected from the home timeline when the Crosstime station in Romania was bombed by terrorists.

During this time, Jeremy avoided being roughed up by a local youth street gang by keeping them laughing from jokes which they had not heard before. He also proved his skill in filling out legal paperwork to present to the city's prefect, Sesto Capurnio, in ways that would satisfy the ridiculously complicated Roman bureaucratic protocols.

All these problems paled when the city was attacked by an army from Lietuva. By keeping a low profile and avoiding the main roads, Jeremy avoided summary conscription into the Roman Army. He suffered from mild post traumatic stress disorder after he was compelled to deal a sword wound to a Lietuvan soldier who had invaded the Soltero home. He later helped to negotiate a cease-fire between the Roman and Lietuvan armies, receiving a beautiful fur coat as a gift, much to his dismay.

Jeremy and Amanda were reunited with their parents when the Romanian station was restored.