James the Bird's Eye
Fictional Character
The War Between the Provinces
Appearance(s): Marching Through Peachtree
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Detina
Religion: Detinan pantheon
Cause of Death: Shot by a crossbow
Occupation: Soldier

James[1] the Bird's Eye was a Brigadier in the Detinan army during the Detinan Civil War. Despite his youth, he had demonstrated sufficient capability as a field commander to be tapped by General Hesmucet to command a wing of the Detinan Army on the Marthasville campaign. When Bell took command of Northern forces from Joseph the Gamecock and counterattacked the Southron forces outside of Marthasville, James the Bird's Eye was killed with a crossbow while riding his unicorn toward the thickest of the fight. After some controversy, Brigadier Oliver succeeded him as commander of his wing.

Literary comments[]

General James Birdseye McPherson

James the Bird's Eye is closely based on James Birdseye McPherson (1828-1864), who was killed during the Atlanta campaign.