Jaime Macias
Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. mid-1760s
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: North American Union
Date of Birth: c.a. 1960
Occupation: Police Officer
Professional Affiliation: New Liverpool Constabulary

Captain Jaime Macias was a captain of grand felonies with the New Liverpool Police Force and the lead investigator of "Honest" Dick's murder the night The Two Georges was stolen by the Sons of Liberty. Although all officials involved in The Two Georges case believed the two crimes were connected, the New Liverpool Police had legal jurisdiction in the murder investigation.

Captain Macias was a handsome, brown-skinned man in his mid-thirties with thick black hair, bushy side whiskers and moustache. He spoke with a ghost of a Nuevespañolan accent but was a proper British subject in all other ways.

Captain Macias's preliminary investigation found one of the bullets used in "Honest" Dick's murder. It was a "three-line" or 0.300 calibre bullet indicating it came from a Russian-made rifle. While unexpected, it was not surprising since the Sons of Liberty would accept assistance from wherever they could get it.

Two days later, Captain Macias received a telephone call from Colonel Thomas Bushell of the Royal American Mounted Police who was leading the investigation into the theft. He informed Macias that his investigation had lead to the recovery of a Russian rifle but that it had never been fired and so could not have been used in the murder. However, this rifle had been mailed from out of province to one Joseph Watkins, a suspected member of the Sons. This mode of delivery and the fact that a second rifle had murder "Honest" Dick suggested that there may well be more rifles floating around New Liverpool.

Captain Macias, in turn reported that the autopsy had recovered a bullet fragment large enough for analysis. It matched the first bullet indicating it came from the same rifle and that there was only the one gunman up on the knoll. This was suspected but it was useful to have evidence to confirm it.

A week later Macias received another telephone call from Bushell who was then in The Six Nations. Macias had nothing new to report on "Honest" Dick's murder. Also, no other Nagant rifles had turned up. Knives and coshes yes, and one chap who tried to rob an ironmonger's with a crossbow but thankfully no firearms. With a chuckle of amusement for the last, Bushell rang off.

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