Jacques Guizot
Fictional Character
"La Différence"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: French citizen of United Europe
Occupation: Commandant of Loki Station

Jacques Guizot was the commandant of Loki Station on Io when war broke out between Japan and United Europe. His Station survived the attack because, unlike Sengen Base, he and his colleagues elected to mount anti-missile missiles around the Station.

Guizot was in radio contact with Renée Messier and Alec Hall who survived the attack on their Base but was unable to send help. His Station's crawlers had not yet mounted any missiles and so would be helpless in the face of armed Japanese crawlers.

Guizot was therefore surprised but pleased when the two managed to arrive safely at the Station and thundered with positively Jovian laughter when he found out how they fooled their pursuers.