Jacques Derrida
Historical Figure
Nationality: France (born in Algeria)
Date of Birth: 1930
Date of Death: 2004
Cause of Death: Pancreatic Cancer
Religion: Judaism
Occupation: Author of Non-Fiction, Educator, Philosopher
Spouse: Marguerite Aucouturier
Children: Pierre, Jean
Fictional Appearances:
"Deconstruction Gang"
Set in OTL (?)
Type of Appearance: Referenced

Jacques Derrida (15 July 1930 – 9 October 2004) was an Algerian-born French philosopher, known as the founder of deconstruction. His voluminous work had a profound impact upon continental philosophy, French philosophy, and literary theory.

Jacques Derrida in "Deconstruction Gang"[]

Jacques Derrida's theories of deconstruction were eventually applied to mundane things, including road work. Deconstruction gangs, such as Gang 4, benefitted from an understanding of the work of Derrida.