Jacob Dreyfus
Fictional Character
"Before the Beginning"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: France
Religion: Judaism
Occupation: Police Officer
Spouse: Unnamed wife
Children: Unnamed
Relatives: Alfred Dreyfus (ancestor)
Affiliations: French National Police

Jacob Dreyfus was an inspector with the French National Police. His friend and colleague Jean Darlan was investigating the death of Jacques Carpentier, the third cosmologist to die while using the time-viewer to look before the Big Bang. When Darlan himself died under similar circumstances as Carpentier, Dreyfus became the lead investigator on the case. Dreyfus, a descendant of Alfred Dreyfus and a Jew, spent some time investigating the circumstances of the deaths, before finally concluding that he too must look back at the time before the beginning. While not a particularly observant Jew, Dreyfus had a vague notion that his faith might make the difference. On a whim, he recited the Sh'mah.

Dreyfus was correct. When he looked into the past, he saw the face of God, who stared back at Dreyfus and then ordered him to leave. Dreyfus first demanded a blessing, which God granted, ordering that Jacob change his name. Dreyfus left, and reported his findings. His superiors, generally anti-Semitic, were reluctant to believe his story. However, when they used the time-viewer so as to see and hear the exchange (although they positioned their viewer's point-of-view so as not to observe God directly), they realized that perhaps the ancient covenant between God and the Jews was true. Inadvertently, Dreyfus had answered the questions that most puzzled man, and the world converted to Judaism in short order.

Dreyfus changed his name to Israel Dreyfus as God had commanded.