Jack the Ripper
Historical Figure
Nationality: Unknown
Date of Birth: 19th century (presumed)
Date of Death: Unknown
Occupation: Serial murderer
Fictional Appearances:
"Gentlemen of the Shade"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct (as "Jack")
Nationality: United Kingdom
Species: Vampire

Jack the Ripper is the name given to a serial murderer of prostitutes who was active in London in the Fall of 1888. He was never captured or positively identified. His true identity and motives are a tantalizing mystery to this day.

Jack the Ripper in "Gentlemen of the Shade"[]

The Nemesis of Neglect, an apt symbolic portrait of the unidentified Jack the Ripper.

Jack was the chosen name of a vampire who resided in London during the Victorian era. He was of the lower classes, speaking with a pronounced cockney accent. The Sanguine Club, an elite group of vampires, became aware of Jack in the fall of 1888. In encounters with various members, Jack confessed responsibility for the recent murders of two Whitechapel prostitutes, Polly Nichols and Annie Chapman. The Sanguine Club, although rather snobbish, decided to invite Jack to join, in part because they felt they owed a duty to their fellow vampires, but also in an attempt to rein Jack in. The murders had been particularly brutal; Jack had not simply fed on the women's blood, but he has butchered them as well, and the Club feared that Jack's activities would reveal that vampires still walked among humans.

Jack arrived at the meeting, but was affronted by the airs the Sanguine Club put on. He refused to stop his actions. Indeed he seemed to revel in the notoriety his actions brought him. He even began writing to the press, signing his letters "Jack the Ripper".

The Sanguine Club's other members united to stop Jack, although they were unable to prevent him from murdering two more women in September, they were able to thwart him throughout October 1888. In November, they caught Jack in the act of dismembering a prostitute in her rooms. Horrified by what they saw, they bricked him in the foundation of the half-finished Tower Bridge, burying him alive for the foreseeable future.