The Italian Empire was created by the Kingdom of Italy between 1861 and 1943. Italy, which itself had only unified in 1861, very quickly sought to establish itself as a global power. However, other European powers had established empires of their own over the centuries prior. Italy joined in the carving up of Africa. By the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Italy had annexed Eritrea and Somalia, and had wrested control of portions of the Ottoman Empire, including Libya. The Fascist government under Benito Mussolini was able to increase the size of the empire further, taking Ethiopia in 1935, and Albania in 1939. Italy sided with Nazi Germany during World War II and initially enjoyed some benefits, including occupying parts of France. However, the Allies systematically captured Italy's overseas colonies and by the time Italy itself was invaded in 1943, its empire had all but ceased to exist.

Italian Empire in In the Presence of Mine Enemies[]

When the Axis emerged victorious at the end of World War II, the Italian Empire controlled the Mediterranean Sea and the countries immediately ajoining it. Italy also maintained its colonies in Africa

Under pressure from Germany, the Italian government adopted the racial policies of the Nazi Party, and systematically massacred the Jewish, Negro and Arabic populations within their empire.

Italian Empire in Worldwar[]

Italy's colonial possessions were overrun quickly by the Race in 1942, as was much of Italy itself. The empire was not reinstated at the Peace of Cairo. Italy nominally regained its independence, but was a de facto German vassal. The colonies in Europe became part of the Greater German Reich, and those in Africa were taken by the Race.