National Elections of 20--
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Party Leader % Seats +/−
Likud Binyamin Unknown Unknown
Pious Bloc Shlomo Kupferman Unknown Unknown
Labor Party Labor Party Leader Unknown Unknown
Kadima Unknown Unknown Unknown
Prime Minister before election Prime Minister after election
Unknown Binyamin

The Israeli National Election of 20-- took place at a moment of great uncertainty in human history. Following the dirty bomb attack on Tel Aviv, the Israeli government was in disgrace. The Minister of Security resigned and killed himself in short order, and the government collapsed, requiring new elections. Concurrently, the Ark of the Covenant was discovered beneath the Temple Mount, further ratcheting up tensions between Israel and the Muslim world.

The Labor Party, ever hopeful despite its consistently poor showings in the past two decades, campaigned under its leader, while the Likud, under the robust leadership of Binyamin, joined forces with the Pious Bloc and other secondary parties.