Fictional Character
Agent of Byzantium
POD: c. AD 597
Appearance(s): "Departures"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Roman Empire
Religion: Christianity
Date of Birth: 6th century
Occupation: Abbot
Affiliations: Monastery in Ir-Ruhaiyeh

Father Isaac was the Abbot of the monastery in Ir-Ruhaiyeh when it was threatened by Persian invasion. At the time, he was in his seventies, with a waist length white beard. He had been Abbot for more than 20 years and a monk for 30 before that.

While the Persians had previously raided Ir-Ruhaiyeh before, they had moved on and returned to their homeland when their campaign ended. However, the Emperor Phokas had gained the throne by murder, and the Roman Empire's generals had broken into factions. Father Isaac feared that the Persians would not be intimidated this time into leaving but would stay as conquers.

He discussed his concerns with the prior, Father John. John suggested that, given the state of the Empire, perhaps it would be better to be ruled by the Persians. However, Isaac disagreed. He had learned that the Persians were forcing Christians to become Nestorians, a heretic sect.

Given this, both agreed it would be better to abandon Ir-Ruhaiyeh. John suggested moving the abbey to Antioch or Damascus but Isaac feared that Damascus would also fall to the Persians, and Antioch was in an uproar since the Jews had risen and murdered the patriarch. No, Isaac wanted to move to Constantinople itself. If that city fell, then the Antichrist was coming and it was the last days of the world. John agreed and began the preparations for the journey.