Iron Guard is the name most commonly given in English to an ultra-nationalist anti-Semitic, fascist movement and political party in Romania that was established in 1927 and existed until early in World War II. The Guard had a particularly bloody and violent history in its drive to gain power in Romania. It finally did so in 1940, sharing power with Ion Antonescu. However, the Guard went too far when it tried to oust Antonescu in 1941. A three-day civil war followed, which ended with Antonescu's victory. Despite early support for Nazi Germany and eager participation in the Holocaust, the Iron Guard was ultimately defeated with German help.

Iron Guard in In the Presence of Mine EnemiesEdit

A member of the Axis, Romania emerged triumphant from World War II, although it gained very little territorially. The Iron Guard remained in power with Germany's blessing, and participated in the eradication of the Jews.

By 2010, the Iron Guard had become completely corrupt. Many of its leaders were involved in scandals, which came as no surprise to the average Berliner.[1]


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