Irene Doukaina
Historical Figure
Nationality: Byzantine Empire
Date of Birth: 1066
Date of Death: 1138
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: Eastern Orthodox
Occupation: Royalty, Educator
Parents: Andronikos Doukas,
Maria of Bulgaria
Spouse: Alexios I Komnenos
Children: Nine, including Anna, John, and Isaac
House: Doukas (by birth),
Komnenos (by marriage)
Political Office(s): Byzantine Empress Consort
Fictional Appearances:
"Suffer a Sorceress"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct

Irene Doukaina (Εἰρήνη Δούκαινα, Latinized as Ducaena, c. 1066 – 19 February 1138) was a Byzantine Empress-Consort by her marriage to Alexios I Komnenos. She was the mother of Emperor John II Komnenos and of the historian Anna Komnene.

Irene Doukaina in "Suffer a Sorceress"[]

As her husband Emperor Alexios was dying in 1118, Empress-Consort Irene Doukaina conspired with her daughter Princess Anna to remove Irene's own son Prince John from succession to the crown. Anna did not let her mother know about her sorcerous abilities, which ultimately failed to influence the Emperor. When the Emperor confirmed John as his heir, Irene and Anna looked at each other, wondering what they could do next. They silently agreed: nothing.

Royal offices
Preceded by
Maria of Alania
Byzantine Empress consort
Succeeded by
Irene of Hungary