Fictional Character
Bridge of the Separator
Videssos Series
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Halogai citizen of Videssos
Religion: Phos-worship (converted from polytheism)
Cause of Death: Cursed
Occupation: Housewife
Spouse: Himerios

Ingegerd was a Halogai who resided in the Videssian city of Skopentzana. An exotically beautiful, tall, blond woman, she was married to the commander of the city's garrison, Himerios. Before wedding him, she converted from worshiping her native gods to Phos Worship.

When the civil war broke out between the Avtokrator Maleinos II and General Stylianos, the city's prelate Rhavas came to Himerios' home to inform him and to sound him out on who he would support. Ingegerd, as a good hostess, served the two cakes and wine but did not withdraw as a typical Videssian wife would do. Instead, to Rhavas' surprise she remained to hear his news. Himerios surprised him further by not sending her out of the room; instead he looked to her for advice.

Neither commented directly on Rhavas' news although Ingegerd did remind Himerios in Halogai that Rhavas was Maleinos' cousin. Thus reminded, he made vague comments that could be construed as supporting Maleinos but not, in fact, committing him to either side. Given Skopentzana's distance from the heart of the Empire, the likelihood of the civil war reaching there was slight so his behavior was only prudent.

A few weeks later Himerios received orders to take his command south to reinforce the Avtokrator. He did so but before he left, he sought out Rhavas and asked him to watch out for Ingegerd since he would not take her into a war. Rhavas agreed and paid particular attention when she attended services in the main temple. As was customary, she went into the screened galleries reserved for women but would pause in the narthex afterwards to speak to the prelate. He found that although Ingegerd was unschooled, her mind was sharp and would fearlessly follow any idea to its logical conclusion, no mater how unorthodox. Without realizing it, Rhavas had become infatuated with Ingegerd.

When the Khamorth invaded and sacked Skopentzana, Ingegerd and Rhavas fled south together, passing through a number of towns. Forced to sleep near one another for warmth, Rhavas's infatuation with Ingegerd grew and grew, until one night he raped her in a fit of passion and then, as she attempted to take vengeance, cursed her to death.

Rhavas' rape and murder of Ingegird, whom he had promised to protect, was a turning point on his path to darkness.