Indira Patel
Fictional Character
"Something Going Around"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States (born in India)
Date of Birth: 20th century
Date of Death: 2014
Cause of Death: Hit by car (at prompting of an unknown parasite)
Occupation: Professor, Biologist
Spouse: Unnamed ex-husband
Children: Two, unnamed

Indira Patel was an Indian-born parastic ecologist at an American university. She was divorced with two adult children.

During an evening at Mandelbaum's, Indira met Stan, a Germanic languages professor specializing in Gothic, who also taught at the university. The two hit it off discussing their respective fields. After Indira explained how certain parasites, such as malaria, flatworms, and Toxoplasma gondii could influence the behavior of their respective hosts, Stan wondered if there could be a parasite that could live in people, but required another host for sexual reproduction, and whether such a parasite could alter human behavior to allow for the required change in host. Indira allowed that, unlike some other animals, human behavior is difficult to influence, but would not say that it was impossible.

The two continued to see each other after this.

After a brief relationship, Indira was killed when she inexplicably stepped into the path of a car. Stan, who'd been passing by, realized who the victim was. He also realized that Indira and several other people who'd been hit by cars in the previous weeks were hosts to some sort of parasite, and that their careless actions were actually the parasite trying to escape the humans and find a host suitable for reproduction.

Stan ran into the bathroom of Mandelbaum's, vomited, and washed his hands, uncertain as to whether or not he'd been exposed to whatever parasite Indira had been carrying.